Christian Kabitz trained to become a church musician and conductor in Munich, where he was Cantor at the Christuskirche from 1973 to 1979. He founded his own orchestra, the Bach Collegium München, and went on concert tours to Paris, Bologna und Cremona with choir and orchestra.

In 1979, Christian Kabitz was appointed Cantor at the St. Johanniskirche in Würzburg, conducting the Bachchor and Bachorchester Würzburg there. In this capacity, he was responsible for the annual “Würzburger Bachtage”, a festival of Bach’s music with nationwide appeal. In 2004, Christian Kabitz was awarded the “culture prize” by the city of Würzburg and from 2008 to 2013, he was the artistic director of the Mozart festival. 2015 saw him retire from his position in Würzburg and move to Heidelberg.

In 1988 Christian Kabitz became the artistic director of the Frankfurter Cäcilien-Verein; a choir which has decisively shaped musical life in Frankfurt for many years with its renowned oratorio performances in the Alte Oper concert hall. Kabitz has been responsible for the children’s concerts in the Alte Oper since 2001.

Concert tours with choir and orchestra have taken Christian Kabitz to Japan, the USA and China.

After moving to Heidelberg in 2015, Christian Kabitz founded a children’s choir and started working with the Orchester Intermezzo. He continues to conduct both the Bachchor Heidelberg and the Cäcilienchor Frankfurt. In October 2019, he conducted the Bachchor Heidelberg in Montpellier
and in June 2020, he will travel with the choir to Leipzig.